You Haul U $ave

Pick up trucks and utility trailers loaded daily. Circle M is currently open 7 days a week for pick up. Stop by the yard and get that landscaping project rollin'

Buy By the Bucket

Load by the 5 gallon bucket, Save a Ton. Currently the bucket rate goes by the first number of material price. So $39.95 for Compost = $3 a 5 gallon bucket. That makes $2 for Gravel, $8 for Lava Rock and $6 on Elk Hide. Must be able to lift yourself. Get it before this bargin blows.

Shoveling Loads

We cannot load closed trailers, cars or hatch-backs. Feel free to load up yourself. One go-to trick is to fill up a tarp, wrap it up and load it in the vehicle. Weigh in, Weigh out.