You Haul U $ave

Pick-up is available throughout the year during our business hours. You can bring your own truck or trailer and have us load it with our loader. If you don’t have a truck and only need a small load, it is perfectly fine to shovel into your car or bring containers to load into. Drive up to the scale-house and let us know what you’re after and we’ll help you from there. Bark and soil is by the yard and sand, gravel and rock weighed by the ton. Materials running by the ton will get weighed in, weighed out and pay when you’re done. By the yard can run once through the scale house if you know what you’re after, 1yrd-2yrd, etc.

  • Contractors


    Don’t have an account yet? It’s easy to set one up. Just send us your business license or resellers permit and we can get the discounts rolling.

  • Residential


    You haul, U $ave at Circle M. Residential customers run through our scale house all day long. It’s a great way to work on your home and keep the costs down. Typically you’ll want to order by the quarter, half or full yard/ton. This is a great option if you’re just looking to freshen up landscaping bark, fill holes or get an exact amount of decorative rock.

  • DIY-ers


    Got Questions? Stop by the office and let’s go over your project. We have many options and ways to help people. The main office at 1820 N University is the best place for general questions.

When is Pickup Ideal?

  • Keeping within a Budget
  • If you have a Truck/Trailer but live a distance from us
  • If you only need a yard
  • Need an exact amount, 1.25tons(for example)
  • Working on a paver project and only need a ton of coarse sand
  • Live nearby and don’t mind running back and forth through the day

Looking to Learn More?

Call us Today: (509) 928-3255

The office runs hours in tandem with our lot hours. Mon-Sat during the off season and 7 days a week Spring through Summer.


  • How much for a truckload?

    About Us

    Well, that all depends. We have a number of trucks and sizes for a truckload. Our small trucks can run 3 to 8 tons of material. The bark truck can handle 25 yards of Bark. Standard large trucks are 15 tons(12 yards) and a super dump runs at 25 tons(about 20 yards). A truck and a transfer is a full 30 tons/Yards and can run for extended deliveries and specialty orders.

  • Can you calculate my area?

    About Circle M

    We have an online calculator for that. Just enter your width/lenght and depth or square feet and depth. If you would like to go over with that in person feel free to give the office a call or stop in anytime at the main office.

  • Should I choose Bark or Rock?

    About Circle M

    That’s a tough one. Decorative rock is certainly the popular option right now and is a timeless solution to the front yard. Rock looks great and there is a wide variety of options for your area. Bark retains the color but needs to be refreshed every other year. It works great for moisture retention though and is the perfect solution for a flower bed.

Circle M Delivers


Landscaping can add as much as 15% to the resale value of your home


10% of your homes value should go into landscaping. When you consider taking some of those projects on yourself, that can result in a big turn-around for resale and home value.


About 40% of home-owners hire professionals to landscape their yard


100% Awesome Services


    Simple order form online. Choose the quantity and materials you’re after, enter your address and get an exact quote. Let us know if you need a specific day, outside of that we will schedule you in the next available spot.


    We cary the bark. Stop on by. Circle M has standard and decorative beauty bark. Looking for a safe playground material? We have playground bark at spec and prices that won't break the bank. Pick up or order delivery today.


    Circle M Started out as a construction company, moved into being the #1 trucking company in Spokane and has become the leader in delivery landscape supplies for the past decade.