• Patio Projects

    Patio Projects

    Looking to build a new patio but don't know where to start? Circle M has essential construction materials for patio projects. For paver and flagstone patios you'll want to start with a base layer of crushed minus gravel. Consider the compaction rate when ordering your gravel and tamp down before installing sand. Coarse sand is the material to use for laying pavers and the suggested depth is around one inch of coarse sand. We do not carry jointing sand for pavers. For concrete work we carry a concrete mix that just requires Portland concrete to finish the mix. An installation of gravel base is recommended for most Northwest installations to handle the ebb and flow of our fluctuating weather patterns.

  • Driveway Gravel

    Driveway Maintenance

    Looking to refresh a gravel driveway? Circle M provides an excellent product at an affordable price. Choose between 5/8in and 1 1/4in spec gravel and Basalt or Granite. Fall time is driveway season. Call today or order your load of gravel today.

  • Lawn Renovation

    Lawn Care

    Topdress a lawn with a blend of sandy loam and compost for optimum performance. Starting a new lawn? Our turf builder is the perfect topsoil for seed or sod. Circle M has a variety of soils but the Turf Builder and Sandy Loam are your best choice for lawns. Using garden soil is not recommended as it often includes bark which will increase your chances of fairy ring mushrooms. To amend your soil we recommend our top dog blend of sandy loam and compost raked into an area that has been recently aerated.

  • Playground Areas

    Playgrounds and Play Areas

    Our Playground Bark is excellent for play areas. Engineered and tested to handle falls this is the choice for creating a playground area. Other options include coarse sand for sand boxes and underneath above ground pools. We have pea gravel which works well around playground equipment that is out of the direct sun and is a low impact area. Our turf builder is typically used for hydroseeding grass but also works great for getting extra muddy and would work well in a 'mud kitchen'. And if you're looking to teach the kiddos gardening we sell a gardener's a-b-c mix of organic soil and compost. Kindness Rocks Project? We sell river rock by the 5 gallon bucket too!

  • Retaining Walls

    Retaining Walls

    Planning on Building a Retaining Wall Spokane? Choose Circle M for bulk materials for all retaining wall projects. Drain Rock, Gravel, Soil and Fill Dirt Delivery or Pickup. Here is a list of materials commonly used on retaining wall projects. If you have any questions or would like to go over your project feel free to call us at the office.

Looking for a Contractor?

Decided working on your own project is too overwhelming? Get in touch with one of the contractors that work regularly with Circle M. Give us a call at the office today to get a good reference on which contractors to work with.