Topsoil, Compost, Fill Dirt & Garden Soils

Circle M supplies the best topsoil and most affordable fill dirt in town. Browse our selection here then make a call or order online for delivery. We also have convenient hours if you would rather 'dig in' to our soil selection at the yard. The best in topsoil, compost, certified garden soil, and Sandy Loam is always available at Circle M.

Economy Topsoil
$22.95 per Yard

The Economy Topsoil is a basic fill dirt with 5/8in rocks and smaller in it. Great for shoring up a hill or building a grade.

Premium Topsoil
$27.95 per Yard

Premium Topsoil is a screened topsoil that can be used for basic grading projects and planting.

Sandy Loam
$28.95 per Yard

Great for sod and hydroseeding, easy to broom and level. Often used in golf courses for their turf. Our sandy loam is a premium topsoil product.

Turf Builder
$32.95 per Yard

A perfect blended soil for laying seed, hydro seed, or sod. This is a special mix of sandy loam and compost.

Certified Organic
$39.95 per Yard

Great base soil that is loose and ideal for root growth. Certified by the department of agriculture. You will want to build the soil with fertilizer or compost.

Barr-Tech Compost
$44.95 per Yard

Partnered with the city to make use of yard waste, Barr-Tech is leading the industry in compost. We supply Barr-tech Green, no bio-solids.

3 Way Garden Soil
$44.95 per Yard

Our three way mix is the perfect blend of organic garden soil and compost. It is our premium mix for landscape and garden projects.