Sand, Gravel, Fill Dirt and Crushed Stone

Looking for sand and gravel near me? Circle M supplies pea gravel for sale, decomposed granite, crushed stone, sandy loam and dirt for delivery or pickup.

Sandy Loam
$23.95 per Yard

Sandy Loam is a top soil that is commonly used to top dress a lawn. Contractors like this topsoil because it is soft and easy to level.

Granite Minus (5/8 inch)
$25.95 per Ton

Great for driveways, walkways and as a construction base. The 3/4" Granite Minus is our most sought out material.

Bedding Sand
$25.95 per Ton

Bedding sand is ideal for laying down pipe wire or cable.

Coarse Sand
$25.95 per Ton

Coarse sand is an ideal material for projects that require optimal drainage. Use coarse sand for patio pavers, flagstone or in retaining wall projects.

Asphalt Millings/Grindings
$25.95 per Ton

Millings from broken down asphalt. Mixed with dirt to get the perfect consistency. This is an affordable product that is great for general use.

Granite Minus (1 1/4 inch)
$25.95 per Ton

Great product for a solid pack. The larger rock is good for getting deep traction into a muddy or sandy area. Inch and a quarter granite minus.

Pea Gravel (3/8 inch)
$27.95 per Ton

Accent, Aquariums, Backfill, Concrete Base, Dog Park, Dog Run, Driveways, Garden, Patios, Playgrounds, Paths and Walkways, Planters, Ponds, Water Features, Xeriscaping

Basalt Minus (5/8 inch)
$28.95 per Ton

General all-purpose basalt gravel. Excellent pack. Perfect for driveways and areas with high foot traffic.

Basalt Minus (1 1/4 inch)
$28.95 per Ton

Delivery only, 15 yards or more. Inch and a quarter basalt gravel works well in muddy or sandy areas that require more traction with the final gravel pack.

White Sand
$79.95 per Ton

White Beach Sand for golf bunkers and backyard beach settings. Great for a Tiki-Lounge or Volleyball court.