Landscaping Rock - Decorative and Drain Rocks

Circle M has excellent prices and quality decoritive rock. We keep a solid supply of many different rocks for your landscaping projects. Call us today or stop by the yard to set up a delivery. We have the trucking services to haul it to you. Decorative Rocks are great for walkways, paths, water features, and creating landscapes.

River Rock (3/4 inch)
$39.95 per Ton

If you're looking to use River Rock for pathways this is your rock. It is small enough to walk on but not big enough to trip over. Excellent drainage for construction projects.

River Rock (2 1/2 inch)
$39.95 per Ton

Variety of sizes in this River Rock mix. Use 2 1/2" River Rock as an alternative to the river bed mix. It has the natural look of a rocky beach.

Basalt Chips (3/4 inch)
$39.95 per Ton

The 3/4" Basalt makes for an excellent drain rock. Small size allows for quick drainage which makes it an ideal rock for the backfill of a retaining wall.

Basalt Chips (1 1/4 inch)
$39.95 per Ton

Best choice for landscaping on a budget. This rock is designed for use in construction projects but over time has become loved by home owners and landscapers all-round.

River Rock (1 1/2 inch)
$39.95 per Ton

*Please note, this product is temporarily out of stock.* River rock is a washed stone that is excellent for use in projects requiring optimal drainage. The standard size makes it the primary choice for affordable landscaping.

Basalt chips (1 to 3 inch)
$44.95 per Ton

Excellent rock for landscaping and drainage features. The basalt is a nice dark charcoal color. Variety of sizes in this will create a natural setting for xeriscaping projects.

Granite Chips (1 inch)
$44.95 per Ton

1 inch Granite Chips are a favorite for walkways, patios and driveways. Use edging to contain the rock and water down initially when planning to use this for drain rock.

River Bed Mix (2 inch)
$69.95 per Ton

The River Bed Mix is designed with water features in mind. It has a variety of colors made to pop when under flowing water. The variety of color also makes this ideal for flower beds.

Elk Hide (2 inch)
$69.95 per Ton

Product is in stock. 2" standard size. Elk Hide is a decorative landscaping rock that is tan, grey and brown in color. It varies in size 2in and smaller. Use in decorative landscaping. Great for up-selling a house. *Please note, Elk Hide has fines and will arrive dirty and need to be washed.

River Bed Mix (2 to 6 inch)
$69.95 per Ton

The River Bed Mix is locally sourced river rock that is rich in color. Ideal for ornate water features that include streams or ponds. Use the 2-6" size for beautiful naturescapes.

River Bed Mix (3/4 inch)
$69.95 per Ton

3/4 Rainbow River Bed Mix is one of our newest products. Used for adding an extra splash to water features and landscape projects. The colors in this mix stand out among the rest. Stop by the yard today to check it out.

Salt n Pepper (1 1/4 inch)
$79.95 per Ton

Salt n Pepper is a screened 1 1/4" aggregate ideal for use in decorative landscaping. It is a black speckled granite that make any landscape feature stand out on it's own.

Rainbow River Rock
$89.95 per Ton

Montana River Rock is a number one best seller across Spokane. It has the natural red tones only found in Montana streams. Use this for decorative landscaping and water features.

Blue Slate Chips (2 inch)
$89.95 per Ton

The Blue Slate Wood Stone has a flat chipped style that is unique only to slate stone. The variety in color and size makes this rock a prime choice in decorative landscaping.

$97.95 per Ton

Beautiful Chardonnay rock now in stock. Schedule a delivery today. Priced by the ton.

Lava Rock (1 inch)
$114.95 per Ton

Red Lava Rock is an old-time favorite for decorative landscaping. Because of its porous nature this rock weighs a little less giving you more bang for your buck in material. Looks great in fire features.

Champagne rock (1 1/4 inch)
$119.95 per Ton

Our champagne rock is screened out to be uniform in size. This is an excellent decorative rock for landscaping features. Its colors range from white to cloudy grey giving it a unique champagne look.