Beauty Bark and Mulch in Bulk, by the Yard

Landscaping with bark in the Spokane area? You found Circle M Landscape Supplies, the best buy on bark in Spokane. We have beauty bark by the yard and playground mulch for the kiddos. One big benefit of bark is that it is easy to manage and provides moisture retention to the yard.

Medium Shred Red Fir
$35.95 per Yard

Medium Shred Red Fir is the most commonly used bark dust for residential and commercial projects. Our medium shred helps with weed control, soil moisture, and protects plant roots from the elements. Shredded bark is ideal for use in pathways and creating naturescapes.

Medium Fine Red Fir
$37.95 per Yard

Best buy on bark by the yard. Our medium fine bark is our best seller and is very attractive in landscape beds. Red fir is a standard for decorative bark since it maintains color longer most other bark products.

Fresh Red Bark Fines
$39.95 per Yard

Our fresh red fines are naturally red in color and ideal for decorative landscaping. Use them in areas you need to make a lasting impression or win over that prospective buyer with fresh red bark fine's naturally fresh sent and consistent texture.

Dark Bark Fines
$44.95 per Yard

Are you looking to impress homeowners and contractors? If so, dark bark fines are a great choice. These aged dark fines have a natural chocolate color and outdoors aroma. They have excellent water retention and balance soil nutrient levels. Exact color may vary depending on season.

Playground Mulch
$49.95 per Yard

Engineered to handle falls, playground mulch provides a safe and clean environment to play in. Lay it out as a soft wood carpet. In general you want to lay one inch deep per 1 foot of height. Cedar material which is good at keeping the bugs out.

Large Nugget Bark
$57.95 per Yard

The unique coloring and texture of Large Nugget Bark will impress any homeowner or contractor. Large Nugget Bark is great for residential and commercial projects and is a go-to for many landscapers.

Small Nugget Bark
$62.95 per Yard

*Please note, we are temporarily out of small nugget bark.* Small Nugget Bark creates a soft and natural ground cover and can be mixed with any product. Impress homeowners and contractors with a dark and earthy color. Stop by the new location to see our product today!