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Ice Kicer Brochure

IceKicker Ice Melt

Save Time

Works faster – IceKicker's specially formulated additive kick starts the bringing process helping you cut snow and ice faster than before!

Colder temperatures – IceKicker will effectively melt snow and ice down to cooler temperatures compared to untreated salts.

Pre-treated and ready to go – IceKicker is a ready-made product that saves you time and money on pre-wetting equipment and liquids.

Save Money

Use less – IceKicker sticks to the road, thus reducing “bounce and scatter” and wasted salt.

Pound for pound the best – IceKicker melts the most snow and ice period! At 15 degrees one pound of IceKicker will melt 30% more ice than other salts.

Less corrosive – IceKicker reduces corrosion and saves on equipment costs.

Saves Lives

Visible – IceKicker's blue color helps emphasize where crews have been and what roads are safe.

Environmentally friendly – IceKicker is made from all natural products that are safe for the environment and safe for your budget.

Most effective – IceKicker offers quick, safe, and more effective de-icing performance while using less salt. IceKicker simply does more!

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