Landscape Area Calculater - Calculate by the Yard or Ton

Use the form below to calculate your yards and tons of material. The general rule of thumb is two to three inches deep for bark and soil. Many construction outfits go with six inches deep when it comes to gravel, espically if laying undernead a structure. You'll want to consider compaction when ordering material and if tamping down the material you will need a bit more to complete the area. Playground bark is engineered for falls and the recommendation on installing playground chips is one inch of depth per one foot of distance of potential falls. Bark, soil and dirt are loaded by the yard whereas gravel and rock weighs out by the ton.

Landscape Calculator

Width (ft) :
Length (ft):
Depth (inches)

Coverage Information


One Yard Covers

2 Inches Deep

Approximately 13'x13'
162 sq. ft.

3 Inches Deep

Approximately 11'x10'
108 sq. ft.

4 Inches Deep

Approximately 9'x9'
81 sq. ft.

Yard/Ton Conversions

Yards * 1.35 = Tons
In general we multiply yards by 1.35 to get total tons. This varies on some material. For instance the Red Lava Rock is porous and will cover a larger area due to it being light. Soil and bark runs by the yard to ensure you are getting the right amount. We have to water down the product daily which would throw off their weight due to water retention. Yards are generally measured by the scoop or half scoop capacity of the loader bucket.